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Nik Nak Studio seems a peculiar spot, quaint, not necessarily discovered unless searched for. Located just minutes away from Lake Simcoe in Sutton, Ontario. A small community in Georgina just 45 minutes north of Toronto. Nik Nak offers a destination, a getaway, a place that tickles your sense of childlike discovery and a place that helps remove you from the distractions modernity has to offer. For anyone travelling more than a stones throw away, Nik Nak offers warm beds for overnights and two dogs to snuggle with. Besides all the country hospitality, Nik Nak is a fully equipped, modern recording facility. Being in a small community it also happens to be a hub for many of the local talent and artists. Allowing patrons to broaden there creative projects with a long list of musicians the studio has at its disposal. Full bands can be arranged at the drop of a dime, allowing even the most modest singer-songwriter to walk away with a recording sparkling with texture and instrument rich production. Oh yeah and did I happen to mention? We have a pool!

Besides recording, Nik Nak offers many services. Production, mixing, mastering, podcast production, live sound, live recording, consulting, writing and with this day and age just about any new and innovative idea you have, we would like to help you with. Try us!

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